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JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER                                                   

 MAYFAYRE:  Thank you to everyone who contributed to or attended our Mayfayre on Thursday 25th May.  The new format was a great success.  The grand total raised was approximately £2500.00. This is a fantastic result considering our usual amount is around £1800!! Well done to the parent council and in particular to Leigh Deas for all the preparation and planning for the Mayfair.

 1514 CONCERT:  The boys and girls from P5 and P6 sang beautifully at the 1514 concert recently, singing ‘The Bonnie Banner Blue’.  They looked very smart and sang extremely well. It was lovely to see the children taking such great pride in representing the school and enjoying the experience.

 COMMON RIDING BALL:  ELCC and P1 children enjoyed a fantastic morning at our very own Common Riding Ball. Our Cornet, Cullen S accompanied by Mr Common on the accordion, led his Lass, Lola S, and the rest of his party, through the school to the main hall. The Acting Father Cole D, and Acting Mother, Ellie C, were on hand to help the Cornet with his duties.  The children were delighted to receive a visit from this year’s Cornet Alastair George, his lass Katie Moffat , Right Hand Man, Euan Riley, Left Hand Man Gregor Hepburn and his lass Lois McCredie, and the Acting Father and Mother, Ronnie and Kerry Frost. Well done to our Right Hand Man, Kai T and his Lass, Rylee D and our Left Hand Man, Oliver H, and his lass, Sadie N.  The children and guests enjoyed a singsong, games and party food. Thank you to all the parents for helping the children to dress up for this special occasion!  

CORNET’S VISIT: We have received the letter giving details of the Cornet’s visit on Thursday 8th June. As The Cornet is a former Drumlanrig pupil, we expect The Cornet and his party to arrive at Drumlanrig for about 10.00 a.m. Parents, Carers and friends are welcome to join us although space is limited in the hall so we will open the hall curtains and windows to allow people to watch and listen to the festivities from the playground. The children will be dismissed from their classes after the Cornet leaves, around 10.30 a.m. We will be presenting the Cornet, His Lass and the Acting Mother and Father with a small gift so any donations would be very welcome.

We have selected a team to run in the ‘Relay Roond the Mair Race’. The children are very excited to be taking part and I hope you will give them lots of cheers if you are on the Mair on Friday around 12noon.

On the Saturday, Drumlanrig will be represented in a special pony race by Benji. Watch out for the Drumlanrig colours. 

PRIZEGIVING:  Our annual Prizegiving takes place on Tuesday 27th June. We will be celebrating P1-3 achievements at 2.00 pm and the P4-7 is at 6.00 pm. Parents will be informed in advance of these events if their child is to receive an award. Please do not tell your child! Places are limited to 2 adults per child. Please respect this restriction so we do not have to resort to ticket allocations in the future.  

MOVING ON Primary 7 children have their visit to Hawick High School on Tuesday 20th June and Wednesday 21st June. On the Tuesday afternoon, all ELCC – P6 children will be having one hour in next year’s classroom with their teacher for 2017-2018.  This is a short session for the children to meet their new teacher.  ELCC children will also be visiting P1 in the morning of Wednesday 21st June and taking part in a Lunch Taster session. 

STAFFING: At the end of term we say farewell to Miss Caldwell as she has now completed her probation year. She is moving to a school nearer to home and we wish her all the best in the future. In her place, we are welcoming a new NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher). We will be introducing the NQT to the class and staff in the next couple of weeks. Mrs Scott (DHT) will be supporting the NQT as her mentor and Thursday cover teacher.

As our role has increased for next session we will be going up to 12 classes. We are delighted to welcome Miss Rebecca Wilson to the school. Miss Wilson currently teaches at Wilton PS and has also taught at Earlston PS. Miss Wilson is getting married in the summer and so will be known as Mrs Sharkey when she starts in August.

CLASSES 2017/2018: Please find below our proposed classes for session 2017/18. These classes are based on the numbers of pupils we have enrolled for August. Our teacher numbers have been allocated on the total pupil roll and they have been placed with classes, see below. Pupil numbers will be checked again at the beginning of the new term and throughout the school year. If there are differences, these may result in schools losing or gaining teachers which could mean that classes will be reorganised throughout the session.

Classes are set within nationally recommended sizes i.e.

P1   = 25 maximum        P2 – 3  = 30 maximum             P4 - 7   = 33 maximum

Any composite class with different stages of pupils = 25 maximum.

 P1                     Mrs Nichol                                           P4                    Mrs Willison

P1                     Mrs Watson                                         P4/5                 Miss Embleton / Mrs Fairbairn

P2                    Miss Wilson                                          P5                    Mrs Boyle        

P2                    New NQT / Mrs Scott                          P6                    Miss Hopkins / Mrs Fairbairn

P3                    Mrs Paterson                                        P6/7                 Mrs Scott

P3                    Miss Smith                                           P7                    Mr Hunter

PE                    Mr Thomson                                         Music               Mrs Lafferty

Support for Learning    Mrs Robertson

STAMPS/NEWSPAPER COLLECTION P3/4 are collecting stamps and newspapers and would appreciate any donations to be handed into the school.  The RSPB are collecting stamps to help raise money towards the protection of Albatrosses from long line fishing.  The newspapers can be used by local animal rescue centres and a local bird sanctuary as bedding.

INDOOR SHOES: We have noticed that a number of children are either not changing to indoor shoes or have gym shoes which are worn out and unsafe. The children may wear trainers but they must be clean and not worn outside. Gym shoes are a cheaper option but those with Velcro fastening tend to lose their stickiness and so become a trip hazard. Please ask your child about the condition of their shoes. If you have difficulty paying for indoor shoes, then please let us know and we will do our best to provide suitable gym shoes.

PARENTS’ NIGHT SURVEY: The majority of parents who responded to the recent survey about when to hold our open evening and 1 to 1 meetings voted to keep the same arrangements as we already have. I would like to remind parents and carers that you can contact the school at any time to discuss your child’s progress.

Open Evening

1-1 Meeting

Number of responses

% of responses














Nov & Feb












Nov & Feb











 ORDERING UNIFORMS:  Please order sweatshirts etc online with Border Embroideries at  There are three delivery options: 




FREE delivery to school

Order online before 5th June

22nd June 2017

FREE delivery to school

Order online before 24th July

11th August 2017

Deliver to home address,

p & p cost £4.99

Order online anytime

Within 14-21 days of ordering

SAINSBURYS VOUCHERS:  We would like to be able to send the vouchers off on Friday 23rd June.  These vouchers help us to buy additional equipment and resources for the school so we would be most grateful if you would please hand your vouchers into school and ask any friends, neighbours or relatives who have no involvement with other schools if they would also donate their vouchers to us.  Thank you.


Football:  Training sessions at the Astroturf. 

Wednesday – boys (P4-P7) - 5.00–6.00 p.m. Friday – girls (P4-P7) - 1.00–2.30 p.m.

Cricket: P4-7 Thursdays 3.20 - 5p.m. at cricket club

Computer Club:  The school website is being run by P7 pupils.  To see examples of children’s work, photos of school events, news of events, meetings etc log on to -

Craft Club: P3 Mondays 3.20 -4.20 last week

Floorball: P4s Mondays 3.20 -4.05 last week

Lego Club: P2s Mondays 3.20 -4.10 last week

Games Club: P4s Mondays 3.20 -4.15 last week

 SCHOOL CLOSURES:  For a list of days when the school is closed, please see ‘Dates for your Diary’. Details can also be found on the external notice boards, School website and Scottish Borders Council’s website, schools section.


Friday 9th June 2017

School Closed – Common Riding

Monday 12th June 2017

School Closed - Holiday

Saturday 24th June 2017

Vertish Hill Sports

Wednesday 28th June 2017

Last Day of Term

Tuesday 15th August 2017

New School Session Begins

 ELCC Newsletter

‘SKILLSHARE’:  Wow…what a month of Skillshare sessions we have had.  Hector’s Granny Warden, brought in two lambs for us to clap and we found out all about them.  Amber’s mum Heg rolled up her sleeves and had her green fingers on the go preparing our vegetable patch.  Ollie L and Joshua’s dads, Ryan and Grant worked hard in our mud kitchen area and levelled it all out, meaning we have more room to play.  Brodie’s dad Richard then made our vegetable patch even better by making a box to deepen it, which means we will be able to plant more.  Eilidh’s mum Leanne brought in Henry the tortoise to meet the boys and girls, which was great fun.  Madison’s granny, Ilene was in to read stories to us, we especially enjoyed the Bear Hunt book.  Ruby’s mum and dad Kaja and Stuart brought in Benji the Shetland Pony for us all to clap, brush and even pretend to be the Cornet and have a ride around the playground, we loved cheering to our friends.  And of course last, but certainly not least, I’m sure you will all have noticed our fantastic new den in the outdoor area.  A massive thank you to Ewan’s dad Gary for building this amazing piece of work, I believe all the boys at home helped out too, Robbie, Ewan and Lewis so well done boys.

We honestly are a very lucky ELCC to have so many parents able and willing to spend some time with us.  These one-off experiences are having such a positive effect on both the children and staff.  A huge thank you to you all, we love having you in sharing your vast array of skills.  If you would like to know more please see Miss Smith.

OUTDOOR DEVELOPMENTS While Ryan and Grant were in doing their skill share, Miss Smith shared her dream of having an outdoor classroom to provide more experiences to the children in all weathers.  They began to throw some ideas around about how we could make this possible.  So now after a meeting with the FODS and Frank Scott, we have their support and go-ahead to build an outdoor classroom.  Ryan and Grant are overseeing this project and are currently sourcing materials to do this.  If anyone would like to help, please talk to Ryan, Grant or Miss Smith.  Clearly, we are hoping to source materials via kind donations from local businesses and people however there will be some costs to cover.  Here is where you can help.  Mrs Scott, Miss Smith and parent Donna Laidlaw are taking part in a gruelling 10k obstacle course ‘Rough Runner’ we are going to do this as a sponsored event to raise funds to go towards ELCC’s outdoor area.  We are looking for parents to support us here by taking a sponsor form away to collect in as much as we can to help make the dream come true.  See Miss Smith if you are able to support us here.

MUDDY PUDDLE WALK The boys and girls took part in the Muddy Puddle Walk to raise money for Save the Children.  There wasn’t much mud as we had a lovely sunny day in the park with a visit to the museum too.  We raised £22.60, well done boys and girls and to Mrs Sharkey for organising this.

PC LAUDER Thank you to PC Lauder for coming in to visit us, it was good to find out about all the important jobs you do, especially hearing how much you help people.  It was good fun trying on the police hats too.

LIBRARY VISITS Miss Law organised library visits for us all, we got to walk to the library, have a look at books and listen to a story.  We even got to choose books to take back to the ELCC.  We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to having our next visits in June.

SPORTS DAY What a great day we had at the Motte Park for our Sports Day, the sun shone for us as the parents, family and friends cheered on all the boys and girls.  It was the first time the children had tried potted sports and they did very well, you made us all proud.  Well done to the grown ups for joining in the fun too, good giggles all round.

COMMON RIDING SING SONG We visited both St Margaret’s and Buccleuch homes to have a Common Riding sing song.  This was enjoyed by all as we got into the festive spirt, thank you Miss Law for organising this.

SNACK MONEY If you have not yet paid snack from last term please do so promptly.  This term’s fees are displayed on the white board in the Parents Zone, any issues regarding this then please talk to Miss Law.

Dates for the Diary

Mon 5th June – ELC / P1 Common Riding Ball

Tues 20th June – ELC / New P1 Information Night

Fri 23rd June – ELC Graduation

Wed 28th June – ELC Party in the Park


 Company Number: SC303569                Charity Number: SC033739    

DOOSC May 2017


We were very lucky to be asked to design and create a Common Riding window display for Lyndsay & Gilmour Pharmacy this year. The children all gave suggestions and ideas of what they wanted to make and collectively decided upon and picture of the cornet on his horse, along with a Common Riding flag and rosette. With the recent beautiful weather, our photograph really doesn’t capture how fantastic it looks…why not pop along and see it for yourself!

 The children have also been enjoying playing outside on the large loose parts. They have been working together and on their own, trying out new tricks and improving their balance and co-ordination in the process!

 We also recently finished planting and hanging our “Welly Wall” in our outdoor area. The colours from the flowers and welly boots really do brighten up the area, while also offering the children a sensory experience.

Common Riding Opening Hours

Due to the local holiday, DOOSC will be open 7.30am until 3.20pm on Thursday 8th June. School is expected to finish at 10.30am; however, we are happy to collect children from then.

Our opening times over the holiday are below:

·         Thursday 8th June        8-3.15pm

o    Please note we will be serving our annual Common Riding breakfast, if you still require your breakfast club booking, or would like to book your child in, please speak to a member of staff to confirm it. Thank you.

·         Friday 9th June                        CLOSED

·         Monday 12th June         7.30am-6pm

Please speak to a member of staff to confirm any bookings or cancellations.

Summer Holidays at DOOSC

Our Summer Holiday Activity Programme is almost complete and will be available from the Club after the Common Riding festivities.

It is packed full of exciting trips and activities; however, we must remind you that spaces are limited and places will be given on a first come, first place basis. In order to avoid disappointment, we urge you to contact the club as soon as possible to make your bookings or discuss your childcare needs.

Please note that for holidays and in-service days, cancellations made with 2 weeks or more will not be charged.

DOOSC Online Survey and Member Feedback

We recently held an online survey giving you the chance to give us feedback on new resources to purchase. We also asked the children to give us their ideas. Here are the results. We will now discuss 


We have recently welcomed 2 new members onto our Committee. We are looking forward to working alongside them and hearing their input and ideas for DOOSC.

You may or may not be aware that DOOSC is an independent business and charity. We run successfully without support from SBC, or grant funding. We are proud to give good quality and affordable care to local children, and to provide full time employment for four Hawick folk. The club is run by a dedicated board of directors and committee members who are all volunteers.

Details of our next meeting are below, if you are interesting in coming along, please speak to a member of staff or committee.

DATE: Date to be confirmed