ELCC Newsletter

‘SKILLSHARE’:  Wow…what a month of Skillshare sessions we have had.  Hector’s Granny Warden, brought in two lambs for us to clap and we found out all about them.  Amber’s mum Heg rolled up her sleeves and had her green fingers on the go preparing our vegetable patch.  Ollie L and Joshua’s dads, Ryan and Grant worked hard in our mud kitchen area and levelled it all out, meaning we have more room to play.  Brodie’s dad Richard then made our vegetable patch even better by making a box to deepen it, which means we will be able to plant more.  Eilidh’s mum Leanne brought in Henry the tortoise to meet the boys and girls, which was great fun.  Madison’s granny, Ilene was in to read stories to us, we especially enjoyed the Bear Hunt book.  Ruby’s mum and dad Kaja and Stuart brought in Benji the Shetland Pony for us all to clap, brush and even pretend to be the Cornet and have a ride around the playground, we loved cheering to our friends.  And of course last, but certainly not least, I’m sure you will all have noticed our fantastic new den in the outdoor area.  A massive thank you to Ewan’s dad Gary for building this amazing piece of work, I believe all the boys at home helped out too, Robbie, Ewan and Lewis so well done boys.

We honestly are a very lucky ELCC to have so many parents able and willing to spend some time with us.  These one-off experiences are having such a positive effect on both the children and staff.  A huge thank you to you all, we love having you in sharing your vast array of skills.  If you would like to know more please see Miss Smith.

OUTDOOR DEVELOPMENTS While Ryan and Grant were in doing their skill share, Miss Smith shared her dream of having an outdoor classroom to provide more experiences to the children in all weathers.  They began to throw some ideas around about how we could make this possible.  So now after a meeting with the FODS and Frank Scott, we have their support and go-ahead to build an outdoor classroom.  Ryan and Grant are overseeing this project and are currently sourcing materials to do this.  If anyone would like to help, please talk to Ryan, Grant or Miss Smith.  Clearly, we are hoping to source materials via kind donations from local businesses and people however there will be some costs to cover.  Here is where you can help.  Mrs Scott, Miss Smith and parent Donna Laidlaw are taking part in a gruelling 10k obstacle course ‘Rough Runner’ we are going to do this as a sponsored event to raise funds to go towards ELCC’s outdoor area.  We are looking for parents to support us here by taking a sponsor form away to collect in as much as we can to help make the dream come true.  See Miss Smith if you are able to support us here.

MUDDY PUDDLE WALK The boys and girls took part in the Muddy Puddle Walk to raise money for Save the Children.  There wasn’t much mud as we had a lovely sunny day in the park with a visit to the museum too.  We raised £22.60, well done boys and girls and to Mrs Sharkey for organising this.

PC LAUDER Thank you to PC Lauder for coming in to visit us, it was good to find out about all the important jobs you do, especially hearing how much you help people.  It was good fun trying on the police hats too.

LIBRARY VISITS Miss Law organised library visits for us all, we got to walk to the library, have a look at books and listen to a story.  We even got to choose books to take back to the ELCC.  We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to having our next visits in June.

SPORTS DAY What a great day we had at the Motte Park for our Sports Day, the sun shone for us as the parents, family and friends cheered on all the boys and girls.  It was the first time the children had tried potted sports and they did very well, you made us all proud.  Well done to the grown ups for joining in the fun too, good giggles all round.

COMMON RIDING SING SONG We visited both St Margaret’s and Buccleuch homes to have a Common Riding sing song.  This was enjoyed by all as we got into the festive spirt, thank you Miss Law for organising this.

SNACK MONEY If you have not yet paid snack from last term please do so promptly.  This term’s fees are displayed on the white board in the Parents Zone, any issues regarding this then please talk to Miss Law.

Dates for the Diary

Mon 5th June – ELC / P1 Common Riding Ball

Tues 20th June – ELC / New P1 Information Night

Fri 23rd June – ELC Graduation

Wed 28th June – ELC Party in the Park