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NSPCC Fundraiser - Non-uniform Day - Thursday 30th March 2017

On Thursday 30th March the NSPCC - (National Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children) are coming to Drumlanrig School. As a fundraiser for the NSPCC, the Pupil Council would like to invite you to come to school on Thursday in something other than your school uniform. You can wear your pyjamas or your normal clothes - it is your choice. If you choose to support the non-uniform day please bring in 50p donation to help raise funds for the NSPCC. (NSPCC, charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC037717).

Many thanks, The Pupil Council.


One of our parents/carers has asked us to notify you that their child has recently had headlice. This has now been treated, however, head lice are easily caught and spread, therefore, it is important that regular checks are carried out. They can be caught in a variety of ways, for example, school, Boys' Brigade, Brownies, playing with friends/relatives out of school hours. It is important that all contacts of your child also check their hair.

Within your own family you should ensure that everyone checks his or her hair. The most effective method is as follows: -

1) Head lice are difficult to detect in dry hair and parents are advised not to rely on this method.

2) Shampoo hair using an ordinary shampoo then rinse.

3) Apply a generous amount of conditioner - do not rinse out.

4) Using an ordinary wide-tooth comb remove any tangles from hair.

5) Work carefully around the head, combing from scalp to tip of the hair with a fine toothed (lice detector) comb.

6) Clean the comb by wiping on some kitchen paper or tissue after each stroke. Adult lice will be easily seen. Lice will not move when wet, however, once dry they will be able to, so care should be taken to dispose of any found.

7) Rinse conditioner from hair.

We are hosting a Book Fair in school next week, Monday 31st October -Thursday 3rd November. Children will be able to view and purchase books all week and we will hold an evening session on Wednesday 2nd November from 6.00 - 7.00 p.m.

  •  Before visiting the fair , you can click and collect at You can select band pay online and arrange for your books to be delivered to the Book Fair in school.
  • There is a range of vouchers avail0able to purchase online to then give to children to spend at the Book Fair. The vouchers can be tracked if lost providing a safer option than money.
  • You can 'Pay by Phone 0845 8695450' - Travelling  Books secure payments line automated phone payment at the Book Fair. Tone pay is an exclusive Travelling Books system allowing you to pay safely from your mobile  or a landline in school. You will need your school reference record  (32800096) and a pen to record that you transaction details. Ask at the Fair for a payment record slip.
  • We also accept cash and cheques (made