Aims of the School
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At Drumlanrig, our intention is to develop each pupil's potential, to foster positive attitudes towards learning and to develop a positive self esteem in our pupils.  We encourage respect for and between pupils and adults, and a responsible attitude towards caring for the school and the environment.

We actively promote positive links between parents and school, and encourage shared responsibility for the education of the pupils.

Links are developed with the wider community through the involvement of individuals and outside agencies such as training colleges, the local High School and Health related agencies in the work of the school. Using these approaches, we aim to equip children to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

 1.       CURRICULUM     

We aim to provide a balanced curriculum, which is meaningful and relevant to pupils’ needs by:

1.1                the planned development and implementation of the Early Years  Curriculum and 3 – 18  Curriculum Guidelines and A Curriculum for Excellence.

1.2               the planned provision of programmes of study which deliver a broad, progressive and coherent curriculum.

1.3               clear forward planning; long, medium and short term, which identifies learning outcomes, planned assessments, evaluations of pupils’ attainment and identified next steps in learning

 2.       ATTAINMENT

We aim to encourage high standards of pupil attainment in all areas of the curriculum by:

2.1               developing effective systems of assessment,  evaluation and monitoring of pupils’ learning which informs teaching and learning.

2.2              monitoring and evaluating pupils’ attainment and progress to maintain the high standards of attainment of our school in relation to National Attainment targets.


We aim to meet the needs of all pupils through quality in the learning and teaching process by:

3.1            employing a variety of learning and teaching approaches appropriate to the needs of pupils.

3.1               providing opportunities for pupils to be actively involved in and have some responsibility  for their own and others’ learning.

3.2              the setting of meaningful tasks and activities to support pupils’ learning based on information gathered from assessment.


We aim to provide a well defined system of support for pupils which meets their academic, physical and social needs by:

4.1               encouraging pupils to have a good self esteem through the recognition of their qualities and to realise  that with support and a positive attitude, they can fulfil their potential.

4.2              meeting the needs of pupils through the provision of quality programmes and a well organised system of support for learning.

 5.        SCHOOL ETHOS

We aim to create an attractive, welcoming and safe environment, in which all members of the school community know that they are valued and work in partnership by:

5.1               instilling a sense of well being and pride in our school .

5.2              promoting a sense of mutual respect through tolerance and  co-operation and the promotion of positive behaviour and discipline.

5.3              the implementation of identified security measures.

5.4              welcoming the involvement of parents and the wider community  in the  life of the school.


We aim to provide quality accommodation and resources in all areas of school life by:

6.1               the implementation of a planned programme of refurbishment of the interior and exterior of the school.

6.2              the development of appropriate, relevant and varied resources readily accessed by pupils and staff.

6.3              working together to ensure  that staff are deployed efficiently and effectively to support staff and pupils.

6.4              providing effective staff development which meets the needs of all staff through career review and consultations.

6.5              efficient and effective administration of school finances to support teaching and learning.


We aim to encourage a culture of management that promotes a team approach and self evaluation by:

7.1               ensuring that all staff have an opportunity to participate in self evaluation and recognise their strengths and contributions to the life of the  school.

7.2              involving the school community as appropriate in the school development planning and review process.

7.3              monitoring and evaluating, as a team, the progress and effectiveness of the work of the school.

7.4       working together as a management team to provide a sense of direction and encourage good relationships within the community of the school.