School Rules
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The core rules have been agreed by the school community and these rules form the basis for classroom and playground rules.

1.      Do as you are asked the first time.

2.      Keep hands, feet, other objects and unkind words to yourself.

3.      Take care of all property.

4.      Always get permission from your teacher before leaving the classroom or school premises.

The following rules are formulated for the safe and efficient running of the school and all pupils are expected to obey them.

5.         Children may not remain in classrooms during intervals unsupervised.

6.         Once children arrive in the school playground they are under the jurisdiction of the school and must not, therefore, leave the grounds without permission from a teacher.

7.         Glass bottles, sweets (and chewing gum)  are discouraged in school.  Instead, pupils are encouraged to bring fruit or crisps as a snack for morning break.  Juice and fruit drinks are unnecessary at morning break as fresh water is readily available.

8.         Juice and fruit drinks should only be consumed in the dining hall at lunch time.

1.          Between the barrier and chain - i.e. car parking area.  
2.         Beyond the white lines
3.         Shrubs and bushes.
4.         Climbing on or over walls; sliding on railings. 5.         Electricity sub-station.

We encourage our pupils to have a pride in their school and take care of their environment.  Therefore all litter should be put in bins provided.  Our thanks to local businesses who have sponsored a "wheelie-bin"!  

When parents and children are entering or leaving school they are expected to use the footpath entrance, not the vehicle entrance, and cross the road with the School Crossing Patrol.

For the safety of your child, if you are collecting him from school at the end of the day, please ensure that you are at the school gate on time.  In the case of an emergency and you cannot be there, please ring the school.

  Cars are not allowed to stop on the yellow lines and parents are requested to park on

the road beyond the crossing area when dropping off or picking up children.

Car parking in the school is very limited and is for staff / visitor use only.



      PARENTS are informed through the School Handbook that pupils should not be in the playground until the Playground Supervisor is on duty, i.e. 8.30am

      PUPILS will be told by the Supervisor to keep under shelter until entry time.

      THE PLAYGROUND SUPERVISOR will decide if prompt entry is necessary.

      THE PLAYGROUND SUPERVISOR will inform the School  Assistant of her decision and will signal the children to enter in small groups.

      THE SCHOOL ASSISTANT will open the doors and ensure quiet, controlled entry.

In the event of severe weather conditions resulting in the closure of the school during the school day, we will contact parents or the emergency contact you have nominated.  Radio Borders will also be informed.  Please note we will not send children home unless we know someone will be there to receive them.

 As a school and, in line with the Behaviour and Discipline Policy, we recognise that our children have a part to play in the organisation of school life and are, therefore, encouraged to be responsible members of our school community.

            Children should be made aware that they are trusted to ensure that entry to school is undertaken in a controlled, responsible manner.