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Please note: Our storage/memory is limited so we are unable to host many videos on our own site. Instead we've uploaded some onto YouTube so that you can see more of the work we've done in school. Thanks.

The Big Drum Adventure

We have been taking part in Mat The Hat's Big Drum Adventure
 Click below to see some of our performances.

Clip 1

Clip 2

More audio clips below.


Click here to see 2012-2013 in pictures:

Clip 1

Clip 2



To see some videos (all on You Tube) of some of our work click the links below:

Warden Carey – A determined warden to keep order.

Barnhill-A Reiver’s revenge against the governor of Boucastle.


Gie it Laldie



Big Drum

To listen to the audio of the Big Drum click the links below:

Clip 1        Clip 2        Clip 3        Clip 4        Clip 5


P3 on Radio Borders

P3 were recently on Radio Borders playing their penny whistles. Click on the button below to hear their work. .

 P3 on Radio



As part of WWII work Louise D and Aidan O went to visit WWII veteran Mrs Betty Stirling to ask her about her recollections of the war. Click the button to hear their interview. Interview