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There is a new zumba class starting at Drumlanrig Primary School:

day and time: Tuesday 6-7pm

cost:3.50 per hour or 30 for 10 hours or 45 for 20 hours

The school is used for many activities by many  different groups outside school hours. There are school clubs like football, rugby and netball. Other groups like the Brownies, choirs and Hawick Pantomime all use the building at different times too. Here is a list of groups currently using the school...apologies to any we've missed! (Let us know and we'll update the list as soon as we can. E-mail us here.)


50 + Group 6.00 -7.30

Cllr Patterson 7.30 8.30

Roxburgh Singers 7.30 9.30



Closed Night



P.S.A (Choir) 7.30 9.00

Ladies Netball 6.00 7.00


Trinity Dancers 7.30 9.00

Panto Group 7.00 9.30

Junior Karate 6.30 7.30

Helen O'Grady Drama 4.00 - 6.00

If you are a member of one of these groups and want to let people know what you are doing then get in touch and we may be able to give you some 'space' on this page of the website.

To contact us about this click here.

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