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Computer Club all started with some practice sessions on Hot Dog Junior. This was in January 2003 with Mr Hunter. After that Mrs King came and showed us how to start our website for the school. Now we are using Front Page 2003. 

Now that our website is 'live' we are giving up to let some others in our class have a go. Thanks to Mr Hunter for all his patience - he told us to say that! 

THANKS for taking an interest in our website.
Shauni, Sarah T, Tracey, Nick, Brendan and Emily. The first Computer Club Members

The following children contributed to / maintained the Drumlanrig School website since it came into being. Mr Hunter remembers us all fondly!


Spring 2018 AmyR , Jack B ,Macayla R.
Spring 2018 - Boyd H, Damian W, Morgan C, Sylvie K.
Winter 2017 - Alex F, Catelyn Y, Joey T, Zack M.
Autumn 2017 - Archie Y, Ava H, Callum C, Connor L, Iona D, Rhianna S.
Summer 2017 - Cassie R, Danica M, Emma L, Evan T, Fergus B, Jack H, Louisa G, Mairi J, Madison P.
Spring 2017 - Danica M, Dean H, Emma L, Josh O'R, Reece L.
Winter 2016 - Cassie R, Harry F, Madison P, Ryan McM, Thomas R.
Autumn 2016- Carly G, Daniel A, Fergus B, Kodie M, Liam J, Rachel H
Summer 2016- Beth J, Chelsea F, Jake S, Patricia I, Sophie A.
Spring 2016- Amy K, Katie J, Sinead McH, Thomas K  
Spring 2016 - Ciaran W, Harrison H, Hollie C, Leah D, Nikki S.
Winter 2015 - Andrew D, Finlay D, Josh W, Ryan A, Sean McM, Steven B.
Autumn 2014 - Ava S, Carly H, Ciara J, Greg M, Megan L, Rebecca G, Roan H.
Spring 2014 - Alix P, Amy J, Braden G, Fieron B, Millie C, Shanni M.
Winter 2013 - Alix M, Emily A, Isla M, Julia R, Kaitlin B.
Autumn 2013 - Alexander B, Ellie J, Kelsey R, Sandy Mac-F, Tom F.
Spring 2013 - Amelia McN, Iona A, Kirsten S, Laura D, Lia G, Rhea M.
Winter 2013 - Amy F, Eilidh J, Georgia B, Jordan R ,Katie C, Lisa S.
Winter 2012 - Amelia McN, Emma S, Iona A, Kirsten S, Laura D, Lia G.
Autumn 2012-Amy McM, Charlotte A, Harry W,  Olivia R, Paul G, Rhea M.
Summer 2012 - Chloe H, Christy A, Jenny S, Lewis R, Lisa M , Mark H, Patrick S, Rachel S, Ronan McK.
Spring 2012 - Emma S, Finlay S, Jack C, Lisa M, Mairead C, Paul B.
Winter 2011 - Chloe M, Daniel T ,David C, Jake M,  Jenny S, Mark H, Lewis G, Rachel S. Rhiann F.
Autumn 2011 - Aimee M, Chloe S, Kieran B, Philippa R, Quinlan A, Reece T.
Summer 2011-Adam B, Charlie W, Niamh S, Connor M, Haru .A
Spring 2011- Adam B, Hamish R, Harris C, Steven W.
Winter 2011- David P, Kelly H, Megan N, Mikey O, Murray C.
Autumn 2010- Amy S, Bruce L, Haru N-A, Ocean R, Rachel G, Ryan J.
Summer 2010 - Calum R, Connor M, Connor W, Emily G, Niamh S, Zara M.
Summer 2010 - Amy H, Barney D, Chris M, Lews McD-F, Murray R.
Spring 2010 - Iben McM, Luca N, Megan P, Sophie H, Vanessa B.
Spring 2010 - Euan W, Katie T, Kyle B, Laura S, Lews Mc-F, Louise D, Neil R.
Winter 2009 -Amy H, Daniel E, India H, Kieran M, Euan W.
Autumn 2009 - Chris M, Jade T, Katie T, Louise D, Sarah J.
Summer 2009 - Alice P, Carly S, Darren P, Joshua T, Rachel S, Sam A.
Spring 2009 - Darren P, Jack P, Joshua T, Rachel S, Rebekah B, Wiktoria R.
Winter 2009 - Connor McK, Craig G, Darren P, Euan T, Fraser R, Kara T, Rachel S, Rebekah B.
Winter 2008 - Becca B, Kara T, Miwa A, Sophie F.
Autumn 2008 - Adam McN, Jodie T, Julia R, Megan S, Rebecca M, Taylor G.
Summer 2008 - Ben W, Eden C, Greig A, Rhys J, Libby B.
Spring 2008 - Haley G, Jack P, Joshua T, Philip R, Connor McK, Sam A.
Winter 2007 - Eve R, Ryan E, Scott R, Brogan A., Demi D.
Autumn 2007 - Alice P, Jack J, Jade W, Lydia R, Nathanael J.
Summer 2007 - Christina H, Danni M, Lauren B, Liam R, Lisa C, Megan McH.
Spring 2007 - Blair C, Glen M, Greig M, Jily T, Kris S.
Spring 2007 - Alex D, Andrew F, Fraser M, Kirsty McA, Nyesha M.
Winter 2006 - Chelsie C, Danielle R, Emma O, Nathan Mcn, Ross G.
Autumn  2006 - Briony S , Emma M, Gareth R, Gary M, Lauren O , Sam  B.
Summer 2006 - Aimee B, Greg M, Jamie G, Kate R, Sara R.
Spring 2006 - Ashley R, Connor B, Fergus H, Maria B, Rebekah T.
Winter 2006 - Alis N, Amber M, George C, Kaye G, Scott G, Thomas W.
Winter 2005 - Rory G, Liam S, Rachael H,  Christina G and Zoe M. 
Autumn 2005 - Ali H, Charlie B ,Joanne B, Kayleigh C, Ryan McC.
Summer 2005 - Daniel D, Melanie R, Nicole E, Lucy H, Bridget McM, Owen B, Hannah McH.
Spring 2005 - Daniel D ,Melanie R, Nicole E, Lucy H, Bridget McM.
Spring 2005 - Darrin R, James McN, Lee M, Liam, Megan M, Stuart.
Winter 2004 - Conor McH, Dale C, Emma R, Greg H, Lisa, Ryan H.
Autumn 2004 - Alana R, Chris L, Jake, Kerr T, Rebecca W.
Spring/Summer 2004 -Tracey A, Shauni N, Sarah N, Brendan L, Jade C.
WINTER 2004 - Term 2 - Danielle B, Elish T, Jade, Robyn, Sarah N & Sarah T. 
WINTER 2004 - Term 1 - Ali G., Ali W., Dylan S, Gemma C & Kirsty.
AUTUMN 2003 -Term 2 - Brendan L, Emma R, Guy B, Jason M, Nick S, Sinead B.
AUTUMN 2003 - Term 1 - Jacqueline H, Lorna D, Marcus, Sarah F., Sarah M. and Steve H.
SUMMER 2003 - Ali W., Chelsea H, Ellis, Emma R, Rebecca P, and Steve H.
SPRING 2003 - Shauni N, Sarah T, Tracey A, Nick S, Brendan L and Emily H. (Simply The Best).

We would like to express our grateful thanks to Mrs King and Alasdair Gordon for helping iron out the considerable technical difficulties we encountered building this site. Without them this site wouldn't exist and their work was beyond the call of duty.