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We now have our own Ragbag Outdoor Bank, located just by the school gate.

Please ensure that any clothing shoes etc are placed in sealed small plastic bags (to stop them getting damp!)

It would be really helpful if you can avoid placing bags in the outdoor bank during school drop off/pick up times, as this area is out of bounds to parents and pupils at these times.

RECYCLING Please note that donations to Ragbag should consist of clothing for reuse and recycling purposes. All adult and children’s clothing, paired shoes, handbags, ties and belts will be gratefully received.  PLEASE USE SMALL BAGS AS LARGE BIN BAGS FULL OF ITEMS STICK IN THE CHUTE.


Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Eco-School Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday 28th November 2012, at 2.45pm

Location: Committee Room

Present: See register



1)      Continue with Energy Plan, identifying responsibilities/ time scales

2)    Check classrooms for Writing Instruments Brigade Recycling Boxes






1.              Much more of plan completed. Mr Jones will share when updated.

Discussion about when EC can do this work. MR Jones will be able to work with EC on Tuesday lunchtimes. EC can be one of the first to go for their lunch; they can tidy up quickly, then work with Mr Jones to complete their tasks.


2.      Each member checked their classroom. P3 do not have a box.


Mr Jones has spoken to the staff about our Energy Plan. He explained that:

The Eco-Committee will be checking rooms and switching off unneeded lights and data projectors.

They will be asking staff if they could open the blinds, rather than using lights all the time.

They will ask staff if they can turn the heating down rather than opening the windows.

At all times, the Eco-Committee will be respectful to staff. They will not ask these questions in front of others, but will try to do so quietly, and without making a big fuss.   


Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Eco-School Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday 14th November 2012, at 3pm – 4pm

Location: Committee Room

Present: All committee members.  



1)      Presentation by Andrew Haddon, SBC Carbon Reduction Officer, on how we can save energy at school (And at home)


2)    Start to write Energy Plan, identifying  responsibilities/ time scales





Looked at Photographs taken by Mr Haddon, on various ways in which we are wasting energy at present, and talked through suggestions on how we can stop wasting so much.


Energy plan started, with various people taking responsibility for certain projects.


Meeting finished at 4pm, with a need to carry on this energy plan at our next meeting.  


Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Eco-School Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday 31st October 2012

Location: Committee Room

Present: See register


 1)      Welcome to new members

2)    What is the Eco-Committee for?



 3)    What are the ten topics





 4)    Check for pen recycling boxes in each class.



5)    Eco-Code.


6)     Next Meeting:







We looked at what the Eco-Committee does, and how we need to ‘tread lightly’ on the earth to make Drumlanrig School a better place, now and in the future.

 We identified the ten topics, and looked especially at energy, litter and school grounds.

We will be starting to focus on these.

Homework is to think of some ideas about how we can start to save energy, stop litter, and make the school grounds a better place.

You could also talk to your class to get ideas. Bring these to the next Eco-Committee meeting in two weeks time.


Please check. If you have not got one, please try to make one. (Golden Time?) If full, bring to Mr Jones.


Please share the Eco-Code (in your pack) with your class, and put it up on the classroom wall!


Wednesday 14th November, in the Committee Room. Please ask your teachers to make sure you are at the meeting by 2.45pm, packed and ready to go home. I will take you out of the front door at home time.



Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s  Eco-School Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday 29th August 2012

Location: Committee Room

Present: See register



Welcome and Introductions




Children moved classes in the summer, so some classes do not have reps at the moment, whilst others have 2.






Eco-committee shared what tasks they had done last year:

1)      Pen boxes – Eco-Committee have been collecting pens for Terracycle



2)     Eco-quiz

3)     Environmental Review




4)     Eco-Code:  C U T H B E R T



Mr Jones welcomed everyone, including the JRSO’s who would be an important part of the committee.


We discussed how people had applied to be on the Eco-Committee last year. People had to write or draw a picture linked to Eco-Schools, then the last committee chose who will go onto the next. We decided that this was a good idea, and we would think more about it next meeting.



Reps will find their class boxes, and bring them to Mr Jones tomorrow break. We will then find out if any classes do not have one.


This was carried out by House Captains

This has been started, but needs to be completed. We will try to do this next meeting.




T Travel Safely


B Bio-diversity


R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

T Tidy environment, no litter


Eco-Committee asked to finish this off for homework, and bring to next meeting.

Thank you for being so keen to help Drumlanrig be a Green School that cares for the environment!



On the Wednesday 6th June there was a very successful Eco-quiz organised by P7s David C and Lachlann L and the Eco Commitee. Each house had 3 representatives in their teams including the House Captains and a member of staff. Teviot - Lois M, Lewis R, and Mrs Smith were the winners. Well done to them. Thanks to Mrs Buchanan and Mr Tierney for their help in making this a successful afternoon.