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A Homework Policy has been developed in partnership with parents.

 This details the activities, time and progression of work done from P1 - P7.  The policy stresses the home-school partnership through dialogue and understanding.  Parents are asked to ensure homework is completed and to sign the work.

A Behaviour and Discipline Policy has been produced in consultation with representatives from all areas of the school community.  This will be reviewed in session 2002-03.  A high standard of behaviour is encouraged and expected.  Staff employ an approach based on promoting positive behaviour through developing self-esteem, responsible attitudes and mutual respect between staff and pupils.  The best form of discipline is that imposed by the individual child, through endeavouring to act positively, having regard for others at all times and desiring to being recognised as a valuable and responsible member of the class and school.  However, we do not live in an ideal world and, in the process of growing up, children do overstep the mark on occasions.  A well defined system of rewards and consequences has been devised which aims to enable pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and so encourages good choices in decision taking.  It is the policy of the school to keep parents informed and to work together to support their child.

Each child must attend school as prescribed by law.  When a child is absent from school through illness, or any other cause, the school must be informed and a reason given for the absence.  A letter should accompany the child on return to school, as we are now required by the Scottish Office to publish statistics of authorised and unauthorised absences. Therefore, we must have a reason for all absences.  In cases other than illness it is helpful if the school can be told in advance.  It is especially important if a child has been in school in the morning and does not return in the afternoon that the school is contacted.  Unless prior notice has been given, please let the school know by the start of the afternoon session as natural anxiety arises when a child fails to re-appear and no explanation is given. 

If there has been no reason given to the school after three days then parents will be contacted by phone or letter for an explanation for the absence.

Some parents may have difficulty arranging family holidays during the school holidays.  In this case permission must be sought in writing from the Headteacher to allow pupils to participate in family holidays within term time.  This should be kept to a minimum as pupils’ education is often seriously disrupted, and valuable teaching time lost.  It may be difficult for some children to 'catch up' although extra input from the Class Teacher is naturally offered to such pupils.

In the event of a pupil being unwell at school the parent is contacted by telephone where this is possible.  If the parent is unavailable the emergency contact will be 'phoned.

 When there is an accident that requires medical attention, the child's doctor will be informed as well as the parent and the necessary action taken.

 •    It is essential that the school has telephone contacts with parents and \ or the number of a relative or friend as the emergency contact to ensure the best and quickest help for the child.

•    Administration of Medicine - Scottish Borders Council Health and Safety Guidelines have been published which state that school staff are under no duty to administer medicine to pupils in school.   However, we will supervise pupils taking their own medicine, for example Inhalers for Asthma.  Parents should always notify the Headteacher in writing and complete the necessary forms.  Only in exceptional circumstances will staff agree to give medication, and this will be on a purely voluntary basis. 

•    When possible, we ask parents to administer medication to their children before and after school time.  If it is necessary, arrangements can be made for parents to come to the school during the school day. 

•    N.B.  Pupils should not carry prescribed or non-prescribed medicine in their schoolbags.

The School Nurse, Nurse Scott, regularly visits the school to check on the general health of our pupils.  If you would wish to discuss any health matters concerning your child, an appointment can be made to see her.  Please note it is no longer the duty of the school nurse to do head inspections of our pupils.  Therefore, parents are asked to regularly check their own children's hair and to use the "condition and comb" approach to hair care.

 All pupils are tested at regular intervals for eyesight and hearing problems and again parents are informed of the results where necessary.  Referral to Speech Therapist can be done through the school.

  Regular visits are made by the school dentist and cards are issued to all parents should they wish their child to take advantage of this service.