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To sign the guest book please click here. Your comments should be on the website within a day or two. Please contact us if there is anything else you want to know or think we should have on our site. Also if you find anything wrong like broken links please let us know. We will sort them as soon as we can.
My younger sister and I lived at Balcary House in the mid 1960’ through to the early 1970’s and attended Drumlanrig. In those days we were known as Gary Patterson and Mandy Patterson. Sadly Mandy passed away on 02/01/2014. I have fond memories of my time at the School, the head teach was Mrs Smith, a wonderful woman.

           1968 School trip to Scots Kershop with Mr Sharp, I am front row right.


Patterson (Paterson) was our mothers new husbands name, we however always retained our fathers name of COLLINS, as we were never formally adopted by our mothers husband. All very confusing.

Hi Mr Hunter!

It's me, Monica! Sorry I couldn't reply to those fab messages you and the class sent me ages ago - I am not a computer-whizz like you unfortunately and so I was unsuccesful! I was just surfing the web and decided I'd check up on the website. I wanted to write in the guestbook but this looked like the only way I could do it!
I'm in High School now and it's all really fun! I'm meeting lots of new people and catching up with others that I haven't seen in ages! I'm going to join the girls footy team in a couple of weeks too! I hope the others are getting on well in High School and I wish the school all the best for the future!
Hope all is well Mr. H,
From Monica,  31st August 09

Just a quick note of congratulations on the schools award winning at Hampden. Its a pleasure to see the hard work, time and effort is paying off. I went to Wilton Primary where football was never high on the list of activities, so it is good to the schools of the town, namely Drumlanrig, now flourishing in both football and that other funny egg shaped ball game. Keep up the good work teachers, coaches and players alike.

Yours sincerely
(Manchester's Tranmere, Widnes Vikings and Drumlanrig Supporters Group)

Thanks Rory. Good teams you support young man!

150th anniversary

My dad was born in Hawick in 1918 and attended St. Cuthbert's School. My brother has books given to him and his brother as prizes, one of which was for courtesy! May I ask whether you are the teacher who is a Tranmere Rovers fan as I am a season ticket holder and noticed your school was present at today's game? I hope you had an enjoyable day apart from the result. If you are interested, I could ask my brother to scan the inscriptions in the books. I will visit Hawick for the first time very soon to see the graves of some of my relatives in the town.
Best wishes,
Russ Reid.

We have asked Mr Reid for the scannings and will hopefully display them on the website in the near future. A report on the Tranmere trip can be read on the Seniors Page.


It was with sadness I heard of your retirement.

 We enrolled at Drumlanrig on the basis of a house move which subsequently fell through.   However, rather than remaining at the school where my daughter had attended nursery I decided to stay with Drumlanrig after I met “The Boss” (as my daughter calls you) at the pre-term meeting.  I was so impressed with the leadership qualities shown by Mrs Andrews which filters through to the other staff at the school.  Her firm but gentle approach I believe should be the mould for all Head Teachers.

 I only hope the person chosen to replace you has big feet to fill those boots !  

 Best wishes and thanks for your dedication to the school.

 Mrs Veronica  Allen

We have passed a copy of this letter to Mrs Andrew.

Thursday 14 February 2008


Hello Mr Hunter and Staff,
                                            I thought I would e-mail you to let you now how I am getting on at High school. I'm getting on fine had no black marks yet I cannot believe it. I'm getting on well with all my teachers.
      I hope all the teachers at Drumlanrig are keeping well, and I hope you are keeping well.
      I Wish I could come back and speak to you all again.
                                    Your sincerely
                                                        Josh Noble Thursday 14 February 2008   

Hi, my name is Ewan Hogg and I am 36 living in Queensland Australia.  I have just been looking around some websites in Scotland with my mum for fun and came across my old school.  I attended this school for all my primary school years then on to Hawick High prior to coming to Australia.  We used to live in Elm grove, and I have so many memories floating back after looking at photos of the school, I have had a blast this afternoon.
I was just wondering if the site has any links to any thing of interest for me ie: photos or details of when I attended ar any other suggestions you might have, would be fantastic.
Thankyou for reading
Ewan Hogg

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Hey!! Its sara robson just lyk to wish the football team best of luck this season!!! Mr H a had trials for scotland u15's nd a got through but a have another trial against the north west to see who will get through to play for scotland!!
chow the now
Well done Sara Mr.Hunter & Mr.Crawford always knew you were destined for geatness. Good luck for your trial.

 Hey there, my names Alan Graham, i used to be a pupil in the 80s. just wanted to say hello. Ive lots of happy memories of Drumlanrig. If you see Mr Crawford,  Alan says hello!!
  Hi Alan we have passed on your message and e-mail address to Mr Crawford.

hiya how r u all doing ?
hope Mr Hunter has thought of some new jokes lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
fri Ashley (ashwey) Richardson and Rachel (Rachi) Graham
      xx                                            xx 


hello i miss drumlanrig!!! am in 3rd yr now at hi skill and its very hard!!:( hope Mr Hunter and all th teachers are behavin!! have fun hehe!!!  luv jade c xxxxxxxxx 13.03.07

Hiya Drumlanrig it's Emma S here what a good website.  I enjoy Drumlanrig school and it is the best school.  I have some good friends at school and they are kind to me. Enjoy your day. Bye for now. 16th January 2007

hi Drumlanrig how are you? It seems like ages since i have been a pupil Drumlanrig. It was an unforgettable experience. I hope ma wee sis is doing well and not going around bugging everybody.

Bye have to go as this is the end of my i.t. class
                                         >From Aimee Brown X X X X X

Hya its Lorna d! wats every1 been up ti? i really mis Drumlanrig! hehe! cho Lorna d 

hey its david nichol ere i was wondering were the pictures of our primary 1 class is hehe hope you are alllll doing gd i miss the skill

Hey! It's Lynsey here, well some of the primary 5's and 6's mite know me as Miss McFarlane! Just wanted to thank the school for the brilliant week I had on work experience! The kids were fab and a big shout out to Miss Hopkins who helped me alot! luv u all! xxx

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to say. Haha. Ok, I see you’ve updated the website. LOVING IT.  
 Megan MacMillan

Hey Sunderland was good wasn't it? Any wy hv u gt any fotos of me fri the past years if you have plss email them to me cheeers. Liam T
p.s. who's Tranmere? 
24th of  October 2006

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I just want to say a big hello to primary 5/6N and to Miss Nelson Thanks again for a brilliant work experience!! Can't believe it has been 4 weeks already when i was there!! I have great memories working with everyone!
It was great to be back and to see some of the teachers again!      My favourite memory has to be the fashion show on my last day! Everyone was fab =)  
Miss you all very much! hope you are working hard for Miss Nelson =)
Love (Amanda) Miss Logan xXxXx  24th of  October 2006

 hiya its rachel and aimee here we are just sending a
note to say how much we are enjoying the high skill its great . hope to come and see you soon . 26/09/06.
Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what to say. Haha. Ok, I see you’ve updated the website. LOVING IT. 19.09.2006.  


Miss Embleton remembers you fondly Liam!

Hiya, the memories of this "fantastic" school keep flooding back, some good, some not so good, 
 Ashley Drysdale x x x
P.s. I want my drawing of the Jubilee Queen back, even Picasso himself would've been proud of that masterpiece. just post it to Hawick High! ! !  18/3/2006

a hink da website is great and thanks to mr hunter especially and the computa club fr puttin all the effort and the time into it ta once again choxxxx

and hya ti all ma freends at drumlandrig: jojo kaye rachael,charlie,alis,chris,kayleigh,a canne hink the nw but mind is if ave mist u oot xxxxx

  Looks like your school is very busy with lots of exciting projects going on. Your website is brilliant, well done and keep up the good work.
from Kernaghan

hi ya. just want to say that all the teachers are great , especially Miss Nelson

from Crumelknowes

What a great site - I really enjoyed browsing through it
Joy Snape
This is a really excellent website, good info and pictures
from Ashley Richardson & family (very talented computer club members!!)

Hiya everyone,
Seen u'd been put forward for an award from the NGFL and took a look.
Your site is fun to look at and easy to move around and really shows how motivated Drumlanrig Children are.
i cast my vote and you were in the lead with 88% of the vote.
I would like to see more of the rugby because our teams are the top of their leagues and admired by all other schools.
Keep up the good work your hard work is appreciated.
lesley birney

What a great site.
                                                                M Jarvis xx    28th February 2006.

This was my first time on your web site and i really enjoyed it. good work kids you have done a wonderful job. Mandie Murray

Hello its sara a think the website is great and I would like two thank all the  teachers who took us to Sunderland!!!! from sara

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Hiya JOJO here just saying hiya to all my friends in Drumlanrig and just to say the website looks really good so keep it up Mr Hunter and others who have put time and effort in to it.

Hello!!!  Hope everybody is getting on OK back at Drumlanrig. and I also hope that Mr Hunter isn't still trying to be funny!! Hope to see you around, Megan MacM xx  PS Hello Pip!

      I have looked at the school website it is well gid carry on the same way and you will be on the pathway to success.
Best wishes Christina G
Hey every1,
                   Shauni here just wanted to say hi not talked for ages, hope ur gettn on awrt ( not gettn to much homework) anyways catch u soon.
                                                         C U SOON

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Hello!!!  Hope everybody is getting on OK back at Drumlanrig. and I also hope that Mr Hunter isn't still trying to be funny!!Hope to see you around, Megan MacM xx  PS Hello Pip!

 c u soon lorna D


hi I'm Robert Stitt. I am an old member of Drumlanrig St. Cuthberts Primary school. I'm in 4th year now at Hawick High.

 I loved my years at Drumlanrig and I wish I could go back and see how the school has changed since I was there, I also thought the teachers were very nice even though I admit I got into trouble a few times oh well! June 2005  

hi, every one. I haven't seen most of you for ages or any of the teachers. Hope you are all ok. I have left high school now and im going to college. Anyway i hope to see you all soon.
Luv Lynsey Edgar x    16TH May 2005  

We think the website is brilliant. Rebekah T and Jack P May 10 2005.


I used to go to this school I thought Mrs Forsyth and Miss Hume were brill. I loved stories read out by Miss Gavin. Mr Graham the janitor was great. I loved break where we could buy our home baking.

Kirsty W, 22nd March

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We think the website is great. We like the teacher factfile. Hollie G, Christina G and Charlotte B. 2nd May 2005

   Just to say i am enjoying the computer club. Sadly this is my  last week.Miss Embleton  and Mr Hunter were great teachers. Also i will be going to the High School after the summer holidays and i cannot wait for Winmarleigh Hall as it is a few weeks away. I am also looking forward to being in the High School. I will miss you all when i go to the High school.
                         Daniel D P7E - 18th March 2005

Hi i used to go to Drumlanrig 3 years ago and i will never forget Mrs Andrew who was always there for me so thanks love from Samantha E - 18th March 2005

Hello I used to go to this school  until I left and went to Glasgow in P3
1999. Hi to Sarah Fish, Dylan Scott and Robyn Blair I can remember all of
you. I love this Web page.
                                   love Zoe Beattie - 5th March 2005                             

On the last day of the year all the P7 were crying because we had 2 leave an EXELLENT teacher behind A great friend Jaqueline Howat we all keep in touch with her. The girls are really missing the school but the high school is great as well. Hope Mr Hunter isn't still going on about Tranmere Rovers (oh yes he is!)
        From Danielle Brady 1st year - 5/03/05
                          ps see you around

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Hello Laura Richmond here.

                                        Hi to all those teachers that remember me as a former Drumlanrig pupil. I would just like to say I think you have done a wonderful job with the website and it brought back loads of memories. I would  also like to add it has been 3 years since I have seen Miss Embleton and she has not changed a bit. Hope your all looking after yourselves and Hope to see you all soon 
Bye for now Laura Richmond, P.S keep up the good work!  

Wow! A very interesting and informative site - I wish I had read the notices before now! (I have just seen one on the school noticeboard by the entrance!)

Is it true that nearly all the work on the design and build of the website has been done by P6/P7? Do you give adults lessons as well??

A suggestion - perhaps you could create a page where the PLPs are placed - so that parents can be reminded about what their children's targets are for this block of work? (being parents we forget things quite quickly!)
Members of the computer club will take this suggestion to Mrs Andrew in the near future.

Well done again!

Andy Jones

This is a really good website. It has lot's of things to look up well done to the computor club
Rachel G P6g

I think the website is great! Alis N 25/11/04

Hi there

              I think the websites great. I'll like to see who wins the tie competition. I want Mr  Hunter to win. Nicole E - 25th October

Keep up the fantastic web site you have, Well done to you all on the computer club for all the good and hard work you put in.  Grieg p4/5 Ryan pre school.Oh and mum too! 16 October 2004

Hi there everyone in the computer club - great website, keep up the good

Jane Graham (Stuart & Ross Graham's mum) 12.10.04

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Hi there great work computer club. Hope Mr Hunter is not going on about
Tranmere all the time!


Mr Hunter's reply - I never stop talking about Tranmere Stuart!

Hi!! To everyone at Drumlanrig. I hope you have a good school year so far.

P.S the web site is great. 


             Chris L


Hiya everyone back at Drumlanrig, 
Hope everyone is behaving (including teachers)
Hope all the heads and deputies, J.R.S.O, Pupil Councilors are going fine. 
Hope P7'S enjoy Win hall I'm sure you will. 
High school is great and I hope to see all the P7's there next august.
Speak to you soon.
Robyn x x x

Hello everyone. Welcome back to school. I am delighted that the new computer club has made a good start to up  - dating the web site. We will all try to make this year the best ever so that you have lots to write about.  Exciting bit of information number one:- Scottish Opera are coming to the school to work with the P5s and 6s in Oct/Nov. It will be HUGE fun.
I am thrilled to read the memories of the ex pupils. How about a display board  the computer club tguest site comments? I will see what I can do. Well done everyone
Mrs Andrew 
4th  Sept 04

Hi great website Mr Hunter. Megan C. P6.  

My name is Geoffrey Ruderham,
I am 51 yrs old and was one of the first batch of children to go to the
"new" school up the Loan in 1959.
I used to live in the Dr Barnardo Childrens Home at Balcary, in Buccleuch
Street and when I was 5 I went to the Hawick High Primary School in 1958.
I loved Drumlanrig, as it was and probably still is the best primary school
What do you think?
I live in Edinburgh now with my wife Sharon and two children Andie (13yrs
old) and Samantha (10 yrs old).
I am often in Hawick at the week-ends but the school is shut then but I
hope maybe one day I might come and visit my old school, but will ask the
headmasters permission first.

All the best for the future,
2nd Sept 2004

I came across the Drumlanrig School website by accident and found it fascinating as it brought back many memories.

Best wishes to your school children and staff

Alan Telfer

Mr Telfer sent us an e-mail telling us about his memories of Drumlanrig

Summer 2004

 Congrats to the designer and pupils who created the wall hanging, displayed in the Town Hall last night - a lot of talented pupils in the school!  It is super and makes one proud to be associated with Drumlanrig. 

Have a great Common Riding.

 Helen C.

Hiya everyone at Drumlanrig. I am writing to say a big thank you to everyone who donated money to the sick childrens’ hospital in Edinburgh for Perthes disease. I am currently suffering from this and was so chuffed when I saw that the silver collection was going to this cause. I had a magic stay in hospital (apart from the operation!) I had my own Play Station 2 beside my bed and my own video and TV. The ward had got lots of cool toys as well. The nurses really looked after me and were really nice. Everyone at Drumlanrig has been a great help to me as well, especially Mr Tierney when we were racing my wheelchair up and down the playground. Thank you again Drumlanrig.

 Daniel S. P2C

You have a great website here. Full of interesting stuff and some parts are quite funny.
Emma Rae

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Cool website! I used to go to Drumlanrig School but now am at the High School. I know one of the computer club - Steven H. - who used to live in the same street as me. 
Keep up the good work.
Greg Dickson.

Well done to the pupils (and staff) who have worked so hard to get the website up and running. When you see how many schools don't even have a websie this is a great achievement for Drumlanrig.

Well done - amusing and informative at the same time.

Suzi, Hawick. 



I have just discovered your recent news letter via the internet, I was so pleased that your school have donated money to children with perthes disease. My son (aged 6) was diagnosed with this condition last year and it has been a constant struggle. It is good to know that some people are thinking of us :o) I am assuming that one of the kids that attend the school have this condition, if so , could you please let them know that we are thinking of them, as they can feel so alone. Anyway well done St Cuthberts, for all the money you have raised.

Brenda Barbour - 9/02/04

To the computer club (is that the right name?)

I am an ex-pupil from the skool and now in 5th year in Hawick high school. it was purely accident that I am came across this site when I was looking for the exam dates for 2004 (grrr). I have to congratulate you on this site, it is very good.

I have spent that last hour and a half looking at this site and I am still looking as i type (multi talented u see). It is nice to see that not very much has changed but the stuff that has changed has to be for the good like the back playground, I wish it was like that when I was there. I was upset to see that so many of the teachers that were there when I was have gone. But hang on I see male teachers the last one I remember was back in primary4 with good old Mr Borthwick! Its nice to see that Miss Gavin still there. Can't wait till you get some more pics of the teachers on, want to see if I recognise any more.

I don't have any stories about Mr Tierney but I remember his ties. He always had great ties on. (Mr Hunter says that his are better!) Brightened up my day I tell you that. Strange calling him Mr Tierney, never called him at that at school it was always Mr T. He had to be the nicest guy (sorry the only guy) staff member there a great laugh when I  was helping after lunch and watching the door at lunch times.

What about the head boy and girl stuff. When did this start? I missed out on that one but congrats to the head boy and girl. It seems that I am missing out on too much. Can I come back? Do you think they would let me back in if I asked nicely?

Idea for the school history page - how about finding pictures of old classes or names of people in old classes, past teachers that made a difference to the school or how the school grounds have changed. (soz if I get carried away but u no I miss that school :-( )

Well keep the good work up on the site and I will be back. Good luck in the new school term.

 Jennifer Barber. January 5th 2004.

Congratulations on an excellent website.
Best Wishes

Lynn Crosbie

Great site. Well done.

 from liam t.

Congratulations – a wonderful website that brings back lots of memories. I am an ex pupil myself - 35 years ago (giving my age away now). I still have a daughter attending the school, and look forward to my grandchildren attending. Keep up the good work, I will be back for another look soon. Hello to Mrs. Andrews and good luck to Miss Stephens on her forthcoming trip down under.

                                    All the best
                                                 Helen Moffat. 3/10/03

Your site is quite good!
Emma N. (Sarah's sister)

My name is Nicola Thompson, I'm a former pupil of Drumlanrig St Cuthberts,
now a 6th year student at Eyemouth High School, I just decided to look at
this page to see what's new. Not much has changed since I was there.

Best wishes to you all


> This website is excellent! 

> I will recommend it to everyone, especially my husband and two sons who
> are all ex Drumlanrig pupils.

> Well done to everyone who worked so hard setting it up.

> Mrs Hedley
> 14th August 2003 

My Mum and I had fun looking at all the photos.  We laughed at the teachers getting stuck in the staff room.  Jake P2/3 

I have just had a look through your website and I am very impressed. Well
done to all the people involved in setting it up.
Mrs Gordon
Denholm Primary School

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Dear All,
I have just had a chance to look quickly at your website and it is great
fun. I loved the Teachers' Extended Break Shock.

I think Sarah T. was one of the original computer club members and she
started her school life at Teviothead and has been missed up here ever

I'll keep making visits to keep me up to date. Thank you for an enjoyable

Mrs. Sinclair
Teviothead 26/6/03

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This website is really cool. A big well done to Mr Hunter and all the people at computer club.

     I love the bit where it says me and Chelsea were last at Orienteering.
            FROM JADE P6H 26/6/03

I have just been on the new web site and it is very good I enjoyed  seeing the photos and reading the poems.

I will visit again soon
Rachel P4H  25.6.03

I have really enjoyed looking round your website, you should all be very proud of yourselves.  Well Done.

Magz Vosper  25.6.03

Dear Mr Hunter & all the computer club,  
I think the website is great and you've done a lot of hard work.

Sarah F P6H  25.6.03

May I congratulate you on an excellent website.  I was in it for fully an hour yesterday so can I please send my phone bill to Drumlanrig!!

Again, may I congratulate pupils and all concerned on two super end of term concerts yesterday.  What a tonic!!

The "wee ones" were a real treat performing their Disney songs and I can't believe how grown up the "big ones" looked  - their performance was also so enjoyable - great stuff!!  Thank you again for inviting me along.
May I wish you all a very happy summer holiday whatever you do - enjoy a good break and a good rest.

Regards to all
Helen Chapman 24/6/03
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Well done and thank you to everyone involved in setting up the website. It reflects a lot of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm by the children and their teacher.

I have really enjoyed my visit and look forward to future visits.
As usual I am a VERY proud Head teacher!!
Mrs Andrew 22/6/03

Well done. The site is very interesting and colourful - in fact it is the best one we have seen! We are not biased though!

 From Bronagh and Sorcha
 (Mrs Andrew's children)
 PS She checks our spelling too!  22/6/03

Really like the Drumlanrig website, and will be visiting it again very soon.  It's cool!!    Rachel p1p   22/06/2003.

Hello my name is Greig p3R, enjoying the website very much. 4 days left at school YIPEE. Schools out for 7 weeks. 22/6/03

The Grand National indeed! Nice website other than the TRFC references! 
Ali H. 20/6/03

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I love the website it's fab. You have worked hard. I love the teachers area. 

I will miss Drumlanrig when I leave on Thursday it has been a great 7 years.
Luv Amanda P7E :):):):):):):):)::):):) 20/6/03

Hi mate, site looks great :) 
PS Tranmere ??? oo are they? hehehe

Ally 19/6/03

Wow! I am so impressed with the amount of work and detail that you have put
into a fascinating site. It really shows off your school and of course the
wonderful Computer Club members! Well done to you all and to Mr Hunter for
making a very special site. You must have worked your socks off!

I am very proud to have been in on the beginning of it all

from Mrs King 17/6/03

I've just visited the new website and must say I am impressed. It has been well worth the wait. Well done team, you have all worked very hard.
Be back soon.
Best Wishes,
Mrs Paterson 17/6/03

The website is cool. we like the part about school events.

Liam Tait
James McNally 19/6/03

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Well done everyone!

Roberta MacMillan, Teviothead. 19/6/03

Mr Hunter

     We think that the school website is really good and has got alot of
information on the school .

>From Kerry Allison and Megan MacMillan 19/6/03



Nice to see we are up and running
                   Chloe p2s 19/6/03

Hi! I'm from Florida, I have a friend that lives over there. Fonda Stokes 18/6/03

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Dear Mr Hunter,
                          GREAT WEBSITE!!
Hello, goodbye.
         Jak Scott and Ryan Nichol. 17/6/03

I think that this website is
FFFaaaannndddaaaabbbyyyydouuuzzzzzzzzzzy and I'm looking forward to high
school. I'm going to visit this site again the future.
David Nichol 17/6/03

Gemma Caldwell: I think this website is absolutely great. 17/6/03

Gary Lowrie and William Fleming-just writing to say that the site is cool. WELL DONE everybody. 17/6/03

What a great website. Hope it does really well.
lol from Sinead and Samantha xxxxx 17/6/03

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Fantastic web site Congratulations to all the computer club, you have put in
a massive amount of work.
I.Thomson Nursery Teacher. 17/6/03

Robert p1p has been on the website and I think it was cool. 17/6/03

Congratulations on the website. Caroline Tullie 17/6/03

Well done to Emily, Sarah T., Nick, Brendan, Shauni and Tracey - the computer club - for their hard work and patience putting this website together in their own time. You've been fun to work with even if you won't let me have a special Tranmere Rovers page!
Mr Hunter, P6 teacher. May 2003

       Web site cool same as the pupils and staff

Mr Tierney 23/9/05

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