The Motte

We have been working on an exciting project to promote Hawick Motte. The P7s have been working with the textile industry and a sculptor to produce some mote related features...


From the Motte 

  Cornet Jamie Turnbull opens the 'Trebuchet'

   CG, MB, RMc, BMc as spear carriers.          

On Monday 12th of September the work on the Motte development was finally completed. Pupils from Drumlanrig who worked on the project were joined by others who helped them to dedicate the new ‘Trebuchet’ and gates. Also present were local historian Ian Landles, project co-ordinator James Carter and Cornet Jamie Turnbull.

The re-development of the Mote Park next to the school was completed recently when a new sculpture was put in place next to the gates linking the park and the school. The trebuchet-an ancient catapult-reflects the sites violent past. The design was taken from drawings by children from the school and joins the mote hanging tapestry and school gates as part of the redevelopment,  which cost £60,000.

  This is the sculpture that was put in place beside our school and the Mote.

 The computer club at new school gates.  

Other classes are helping to produce information boards and leaflets, special gates and a web page.

Here is a picture of the Motte and a view from it. 


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