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Some Games to Support Mathematics:

Snakes and Ladders


Playing cards


Connect Four


Some useful websites

Maths is all around us - help your child to see it and love it. Have FUN!


Children working at Early Stage respond to activities which involve active learning in real context. Interacting with your child by singing, telling stories or playing games is very worthwhile. Numbers are everywhere, on buses, on telephones, on money etc. Make learning more fun for you and your child!

Fun activities to do at home


Build a tower

For this game you need a dice

and some building blocks or lego bricks.

Take turns

Roll the dice

Collect the numbers of bricks to build your own tower.

The first to 10 wins!

For a change, start with 10 blocks or bricks each. Take away the number on the dice. First to exactly 0 wins.

This could also be done for 20.


Dicey Counting

Take turns to roll a dice and count back to 0 from the number thrown. For example:


Numbers are everywhere; point them out to your child. Try writing them in the sand, shower. flour. Form the letters with dough and plasticineRhymes

Teach your child any number rhymes or songs that you know,

particularly ones that involve holding up a number of fingers, like

Five Little Speckled Frogs

1,2,3,4,5 once i caught a fish alive

5 little ducks went swimming one day

10 green bottles hanging on the wall


Practice them regularly, with actions.


Things to do at home or away:

Ask you child questions about a picture from a story book or a scene from a video, e.g:-

How many cows?

How many sheep?

How many horses?

Share out objects such as counters, sweets...'1 for me and 1 for you, 2 for me 2 for you'

Children like to count things. With your child you could count stairs, buttons on clothes, toys, ducks at the park

Try to help your child understand that the word 'one' stands for 1 object, two for 2 objects

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