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Hello we are the new JRSO’S are names are Erin and Allie. We are here to help are peers and others to cross the roads more carefully and the people using transport [cars, buses, motorbikes and bikes]. And we have been to Tweedbank and we have learnt loads more than we did before.







TRAFFIC ON THE LOAN: Further to the request from Cllr Paterson to have some speed monitoring equipment out on The Loan in Hawick, I have attached a summary of school run time vehicle speeds and volumes. From the data we can see that most vehicles are travelling at sensible speeds at school run times, which is welcomed.

In summary, we can also see that the daily average speeds northbound (downhill) are 16.2mph and southbound (uphill) are 24.2mph.  At this stage I would not anticipate traffic calming features being necessary.

Parents are reminded to park considerately and should remind their children of the importance of crossing with the lollipop lady, Mrs Robertson.

Philippa Gilhooly, Environment & Infrastructure, Scottish Borders Council

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We are the Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO'S) for Drumlanrig Primary School and we work closely with Constable Lauder to try and make sure everyone gets to and from Drumlanrig Primary School safely.

We attended a JRSO Conference where we learned about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and not using your mobile phone whilst driving. We also found out about ways to keep children safe when travelling to school; along with Constable Lauder we wanted to share some of these with you, particularly now its getting dark.

  •  Utilise the School Crossing patrol at all times;

  • Do not and/or drop off on the zig zags;

  • Make sure children get out of the vehicle on the pavement side;

  • Do not double park;

  • Park facing your direction of travel

  • Wear high visibility clothing.

The school have a number of complaints that drivers are reversing from the school car park into the Loan, which  is very dangerous- we doi not want any of our fellow pipils to get injured whilst coming to or from school. Please DO NOT do this or Police will be contacted and formal action taken.

We would also encourage pupils to walk to school where possible to avoid congestion at busy times - and just think of the health benefits.

Thank you.