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Drumlanrig Facebook Page

Hawick High School

Denholm Primary School

Kirkhope Primary, Ettrickbridge

Scottish Borders Council

BBC Education


Lockerbie Manor


Tranmere Rovers  (for Mr Hunter's benefit!)

Widnes Vikings RLFC (for Mr Hunter again!)

The Hawick Paper

Hawick News

The Southern Reporter

Hawick Motte Scotland





Below are a number of websites which may help with topics that we cover at school. We are not responsible for any of the content of external websites.


The Children's University of Manchester






Spartacus Follow the 'Life in the Factory' links for lots of first-hand accounts of the lives of working children
BBC Schools Super site with sections on Work, Play and Schools. Use the Standard rather than Interactive site if your Internet connection is slow
BBC Dynamo Cartoon adventure exploring a 1900 house. Simple for younger children
The Victorians From Snaith Primary School. Good sections on Queen Victoria and Going to School. Simple language
  Useful printable activity sheets in the Hands-on section
Queen Victoria - Historic Royal Portraits Worthy and wordy, but everything you would want to know for research
The 1900 house Based on the television series

Victorian Clipart cherubs, flowers etc 

Victorian Clipart – button, borders

Victorian Clipart – silhouettes


ThespisAncient Greeks

Explore the cities of Athens, Corinth and Sparta

Snaith Primary School -  Rather than deal with the whole of Ancient Greece this site just deals with 26 years worth!! The war between Athens and Sparta

Good starting page for information if you can ignore the adverts.

Greek Myths

Click on a God to find out more about them.

Click on a Hero to find out more about them.

Small animations showing the Archimedes Principle.




 Kids' Castle.  Click to explore a virtual medieval castle: historical fact (based on Nottingham Castle in 1480) and fun- (Dress the knight in armour game, requires Flash 4) and lots of writing activities: recipes, tournament poems, diary of a castle inhabitant.   Sections with brief information on the castle structure, the residents, the hunting and hawking, the feasts.

People living in a castle with short description of their jobs.

Parts of a castle described in some detail with photos.

Inside a castle -  some of the sights and smells to read about.

Activity Sheets and puzzle page to print out

Photos and descriptions of the interior and history of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, where Harry Potter was filmed   asked to ‘debug’, click ‘No’!)


Pictures of castles and buildings from the National Trust for Scotland education website



BBC Revisewise Activity, Fact Sheet and Test on Electricity

 For Electricity Challenge 2

The Atoms Family explain how you can get electricity from fruit!

 Electrical Safety

Experiment to make your own lightning



Maps of all countries

 Flags of all countries

 Facts about countries

Learning about Geography

 What is Geography ? Introducing the main ideas to young children.


Mary Queen of Scots





 Short website on Mary Queen of Scots



Animals of the Rainforest

Brazilian Embassy in London

Rainforest Links

The Rainforest Site

Zoom  in Rainforest -Enchanted Learning software.

Amazon Interactive

Amazon Rainforest Endangered Animals

Chunky Monkey

Journey Into Amazonia

Nature Puzzles

Rainforest at Night

Rainforest Concern

Rainforest Web Quest

The Rainforest People, Animals and Facts

What it is like to live in a Rainforest

What's it like where you live

Woodlands Math Challenge



Recycling Resources for Appliances and other Kitchen Items

 Photos of landfill sites, waste, compost, etc

Find out how to ‘Reduce Re-use Recycle’

Reduce Re-use Re-cycle


The Romans


The Brims site with lots of good pictures

The BBC site for schools Romans for middle years primary. Lots of good pictures.

The Nettlesworth school site, with sections on ‘Child’s Life’, ‘Town Tour’, etc

Follow the links to find the answers to the cyberhunt

(The link for Q4 does not work)

Design a Mosaic on line






 Look at photos of toys from each decade of the 20th Century  




This is the Pupils section of the National Trust for Scotland – free photos, and sections on history, art and explorers (in Homework)  

Beautiful photos of Speyside

Gazetteer for Scotland.  Searchable database. Better for older pupils 

Clickable map of Scottish regions.

Click on the region – then click on the towns marked to see images.

Click on the maps to zoom in.

Gridclub Section on Scotland. Click on the maps for information.

Scotland – population information

Click on the maps to ‘Zoom’ in

Starting point for a number of sites – Older pupils

Picture of a relief map of Scotland.

Loch Ness webcam.                     


SPACE  See full size image

This site has wonderful pictures in the Sky Gallery section. Take a Tour of the Solar System, discover the constellations, and explore the wonders of the universe in The Cosmos section

Incredibly detailed facts and pictures of everything known in the solar system

Space made simple on this NASA site. 9 Planets for Kids: Bright and zappy.

NASA Kids. Fast and well designed, can join and receive news updates. Teacher's section too.

 Fascinating detail on life in space - children at this Australian school interviewed a NASA expert

Animated, interactive activity that explains day and night. Also Fact Sheet and Test

Fun Space Activities


Everything you need to know about space

The most interesting fact's about space right here

the best space games ever and more

Learn about each planet in turn

the most information you could ever want about space

space games and crosswords but learning activities too


World War II
Imperial War Museum of the North - more info from the Imperial War Museum.

Timewitnesses 'Extraordinary stories of ordinary people' collected from survivors of WWII and very accessible for Primary pupils.

The Home Front Superb site from Snaith Primary - sections on Children at War, Rationing, Women in War, Messages of War (Propaganda posters). Wonderful!




 ·        Click on the link to find some dinosaur images