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Hello, my slogan is: Vote for Kyle and you’ll get a smile

My name is Kyle B and I am pleased to be standing for head boy this year.

I have been a pupil at Drumlanrig for a total of 9 years,

Including two years of nursery.

I would be very proud , if picked to be head boy in my final year at Drumlanrig

As you all know, I am very keen on my sport, having represented the school  at rugby, football and cricket, being captain for a seven a side rugby tournament in p6 last year.

Last years head boy and girl said that they would get taller fences at the back of the school to stop footballs going over, but they did not, so vote for me and I will get things that you ask for.

We will help raise money to buy things by washing cars and having Mayfair’s.

Thanks for listening and remember-

Vote for Kyle and you’ll get a smile.

Manifesto of Louise D

Vote for Louise, and you will be pleased!

 My name is Louise and I am running for Head Girl. I believe that because I have had the experience of other committees, such as pupil council and eco-committee, I know what to do to make my school happy.

I firmly believe that I have the qualities of the perfect Head Girl. I am sensible in a fun way; I listen and always try my best. In the past I have won the Simon Knight trophy and lots of certificates. I am bright and have a great sense of humour. I have lots of friends and have known them for a long time.

As I have been at this school since nursery, I know what needs some tweaking due to past leaders mistakes. I have had a few ideas to make things even better and I would like to share some of them with you.

·        Slides and climbing frames in the playground.

·        Sit where you want at lunch times.

·        More whole school activities.

·        More trips.

Past leaders have listened, but they have not done anything about it. That is why I would make a good Head Girl. What’s the point in voting for someone who won’t do as they say they will?

     In the past Head Boys and Head Girls have said their ideas then never done anything about it. I would try my very best, with the Head Boy, to please our wonderful school.

     I hope I have done enough to make you to vote for me!

Vote for Louise, and you will be pleased!

Speech of Louise D 

Good morning/afternoon,

I’m Louise and I’m going for Head Girl 2009-2010.

I have been at Drumlanrig since my pre-school days. I have loved every minute of it and would like the chance to represent our school as Head Girl.

One of my main aims is to try, along with the new Head Boy, to set a good example to all pupils in the school. 

I am very enthusiastic in all areas of school life and I try my very best to behave myself. I can communicate well with both adults and children and I am friendly with everyone which is an important quality to be a great Head Girl.

Thirdly, I have lots of ideas of things we could do in the school-for example, I’d really like to see more ‘theme days’ or even ‘theme weeks’ in the school. It would also be really good to hear ideas from other pupils and be involved in planning things. I like to keep people in the know of what I am doing so I will be able to keep you up to date with all the latest things happening in the school.

What’s the point in voting for someone who won’t do as they say they will? That’s what makes me different from all the others I will not only listen, but I will try my very best to make your idea happen. Vote for me as Head Girl and your idea could come true!

Finally I would love to be one of the people showing off our fabulous school to any visitors we have and I would be more than happy to speak at any meetings or assemblies.

More than half of the girls in p7 are going for Head Girl and they are all great girls but I believe that I have the personality of an awesome Head Girl so vote for me and you won’t regret it. It will help both of us.

Thank you for listening,

 Vote for Louise and you will be pleased! X