Newsround 2017-2018


      One of our parents/ carers has asked us to notify you that their child has recently had head lice.  this has now been treated, however, head lice are easily caught and spread, therefore, it is important that regular checks are carried out.  they can be caught in a variety of ways, for example, school, Boys' Brigade, Brownies, playing with friend/relatives out of school hours. it is important that all  contacts of your child also check their hair.

       Within your own family you should ensure that everyone checks his or her own hair.  The most effective method is as follows:-

       1)  Head lice are difficult to detect in dry hair and parents are advised not  to rely on this method.

       2)  Shampoo hair using an ordinary shampoo then rinse.

      3)  Apply a generous amount of conditioner- do not rinse out.

      4)  Using an ordinary wide-tooth comb remove any tangles.

      5)  Work carefully around the head, combing from scalp to tip of the hair with a fine toothed (lice detector) comb.

      6)  Clean the comb by wiping on some kitchen paper or tissue after each stroke. Adult lice will be easily seen. Lice will move when wet, however, once dry they will be able to, so care should be taken to dispose of any found.

      7) Rinse conditioner from hair.

Please remember that head lice like clean hair and this is no reflection on the children.

Hawick Cluster Dance Festival

As part of Scottish Borders Diversity Week, we are delighted to be taking part in this exciting  project taking place from 15th to the 21st of October . This weeklong programme of free exciting activities and events in being supported by the Big Lottery funds and aims to focus on integration and empowerment , encouraging our local communities to come together as one , learn from each other and value the diversity  that exists in the community.

All the schools in  the Hawick Cluster will be involved in various diversity related activities and lessons and your child's class has been selected to take part in a Cluster Diversity Dance Festival.

The festival will take place at Hawick Town Hall on Friday 20th October from 10 -11am. Parents and Cavers are welcome to attend. The children will walk to the Town Hall and will be escorted by their teacher and support staff. We would like your child to wear plain yellow T-shirt or top and dark trousers or leggings.

Look out for full programme on social media and in local shops in Hawick with all the events that are taking place locally and Borders wide.

We hope to see you all.