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At present the school has an active and very helpful support group, known as Friends of Drumlanrig School (FOD's).  Events are organised for all parents and pupils and fund raising activities carried out regularly.  With this support the pupils can be given enhanced opportunities.  A Notice Board is situated in the school entrance, on which Minutes and Agenda Items are posted.

 The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in the Autumn Term when a report of their activities is given.  

Click here to access the FOD's page.

When enrolling your child you will receive a form to complete for our School Board Register.  Once this is completed and returned to the school your name will be added to the School Board Register.  This entitles you to vote in any elections and to stand as a member for the Board.  At the time of publication, no School Board has been established.

Parents are welcome to come into the school at any time and many come regularly to help in the classrooms with the pupils or at special times to help with concerts, coffee evenings etc., and we are delighted for this to continue.

If you would like to see your child's teacher or the Headteacher for a talk, we appreciate if an appointment is made by letter or telephone beforehand.  After 3.15 p.m. is normally the best time to visit when pupils have been dismissed.

    When visiting the school it is essential for security to enter the building by the main door and  call at the office first.

If you have a concern or complaint you are encouraged to share this with the school.  Our policy is to deal with any issues promptly and, as far as possible, an "open door" policy is adopted. 


    Call at the office, telephone or write to the Headteacher.

    The Headteacher or Depute Headteacher will arrange to see you / speak to you to discuss your concerns as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours.

    The Headteacher or Depute Headteacher will carry out a thorough investigation of the background to the complaint, you will be notified of the outcome and any actions to be undertaken, by an agreed date

In the event that you are still unhappy then you may contact the Chairperson of the School Board, where one exists, who will act as mediator between home and school.

 Mrs K Houston the Quality Improvement Officer for this school or Mr D Mallen, Assistant Director,  may be contacted if you continue to be unhappy about the school's handling of a complaint.

In this way we hope to work "in partnership" with parents to solve any problems which may arise.

Cooked meals, costing 1.50, are made on the premises and a two course lunch is given.  The menu for each term is sent home with every child.

Children who wish to bring a packed lunch are accommodated in the dining hall.

This is carried out once a term with the whole school.

Children will normally transfer to the secondary school from Primary 7 having completed seven years of primary education.  Pupils from this school move on to Hawick High School. (Tel. Hawick 372429.)

The wearing of uniform by the pupils is requested and actively encouraged.  The following items are recommended.


Polo Shirt                                                                                          

(Both of the above items are available from ADI Sports)

Jersey, Trousers, Skirt                                     
Grey, Green, Black

Shirt, Blouse                                                         
(for special performances all children are requested
to wear white shirts and ties)

 Green\Yellow Stripe
(available from school - Price 2.50)

PE Kit
White T-shirt and Shorts, Gym Shoes

Senior Sports - Track suit, Rugby boots as appropriate.

Shoe bags are now available from school at a cost of 1.80.

Homework bags are now available from school at a cost of 2.10.

    In addition, a change of shoes is required every day in order to minimise dirt.  This in turn aids health and safety and preserves the good appearance of the building.

Hours of attendance are as follows: 

            Morning:                                                Afternoon:

9.00 - 11.30am  - Nursery                     12.45 - 3.15pm - Nursery

9.00 - 12.20pm - P1 - 7                          1.15 - 2.45pm Primary 1

                                                                 1.15 - 3.15pm  P2 - P7

Interval - 10.30 - 10.50am

 Class Contact Time   :   Nursery                  12 hour x 2 sessions          

                                        P1                            22.5 hours

                                       Primaries  2 - 7     25   hours