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I am writing to advise you that the date for the P7 residential trip in 2018, has been changed from 5th - 9th March to 26th February - 2nd March 2018.

The cost of the trip is unchanged at 281 per pupil, excluding transport cost. We will ask if the parent council (Friends of Drumlanrig) would be willing to cover the cost of transport again next year.

As previously advised, the deposit for the trip is due to be paid to the travel company by the end of April 2017 and the final payment by January 2018. This may seem like a long way away but starting payments early, you will be able to spread the cost. We would not wish for any child to miss out on the trip due to difficulties with finance, therefore, we would ask you to contact Mrs Gordon to discuss how we can help if this is an issue.

As discussed at the meeting, the deposit of 55 should be paid by Friday 1st April. However, if your child does not go on the trip for any reason, the deposit is not refundable.

Payment Arrangements -      Deposit                                  55 per child        due by 1st April 2017

                                            Interim Payment                     75 per child         due 9th September 2017

                                            Interim Payment                     75 per child        due 4th November 2017

                                            Final Payment                         76 per child        due 16th December 2017