Snow Alert

School Transport-Severe Weather

Winter weather can be very can be very variable and it is easy to be caught out by sudden changes.

In event of severe weather we will make every effort to keep the school open and continue as normal. However, there may be situations where this is not possible and it is therefore important that you follow the points below in terms of transport arrangements.

Resilient Schools

In the event of severe weather affecting the normal day to day functions of primary and secondary schools in Scottish Borders 'Resilient Schools' procedures can be activated.

Where the decision is taken to evoke resilient schools then no school transportation will operate on those days. If your child normally gets school transport do not bring your child to school.

Severe Weather

During adverse weather, school transport may be subject to cancelled services, amended routes, longer journey times or alternative bus stops used.

School bus drivers and operators have complete discretion to cancel or vary school transport given any locsal weather conditions.

Dear Parents / Carers

Scottish Borders Council have issued the following information regarding procedures and advice during inclement weather:

It is ultimately your decision whether you believe it is safe for your children to attend school. We will try to help as much as possible by providing relevant information. (Click on Snow Alert)

The normal ruling is that pupils should wait for no more than fifteen minutes for a bus to arrive; this should not be exceeded. Radio Borders will broadcast information about which bus services are not running (this will include public services as well as schools)

Radio Borders (96.8 FM) provides very regular updates on schools information please do tune in. The schools section of the SBC website also provides current information. Any significant communications will be contacted by groupcall e.g. school closures

 Clothing and Footwear
Please ensure that pupils are dressed appropriately for cold and wet weather.

In emergency conditions there may be a restricted menu in schools at lunchtimes – probably soup and sandwiches. In extreme circumstances you may be asked to provide a packed lunch for your child if no facilities are available to provide school lunches.

Once schools are up and running it may be that some extra help will be required to help clear additional playground areas etc. and your headteacher or Parent Council may make a plea for volunteer helpers.

 Learning when Schools are ClosedA group of headteachers is currently working on setting up a site dedicated to Learning when Schools are Closed – further information will follow soon.


Information for Parents about Resilient Schools


In the event of severe weather affecting the normal day to day functions of primary and secondary schools in Scottish Borders ‘Resilient Schools’ procedures can be activated by the Director of Education and Lifelong Learning following discussions within Emergency Planning.

 Resilient Schools

Education and Lifelong Learning will endeavour to keep as many schools as possible open for the pupils who are within the walking distance of the school. Consideration has to be given to a number of factors to enable this to happen, however if risk assessments have been carried out and it is determined that schools are safe, ‘Resilient Schools’ can be activated.

 Under this, this following information will be acted upon:

 a)      Teaching and support staff living within 1 ˝ miles of a school should walk to this school and be ready to undertake duties (generally primary staff to primary schools and secondary staff to secondary schools).

 b)      Teaching and support staff living out with 1 ˝ miles of a school should work from home. Work should be allocated by Headteacher / Line Manager

 c)      Curriculum Support Teachers/Music Instructors/Additional Needs support Staff will have been considered in schools allocation of staff and follow the same instructions as teacher and support staff.

 The aim will be to open the whole school however this will depend on the number of staff available. Pre-planning has been undertaken to establish which schools SBC can fully open/ partially open/ close, however this may change on a day to day basis.

Schools will be using group call to inform parents as to what is happening. Radio Borders and the SBC website will be kept up-dated.

 Pupils Unable to Get to School
Schools will endeavour to provide work online for pupils who are unable to walk to school. Senior pupils in secondary schools should be well aware of work which can be carried out to support their certificated courses.

 Catering and School Meals
SBC have a legal obligation to make provision for free school meal entitled pupils. Where deliveries cannot be made the menu will be adapted in line with supplies available in school. Similarly depending on the number of staff available adaptations will be made.

In the event of snow lying on the steps, the children will be brought in to school through the main entrance doors or the rear doors facing the Moat.