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On the 26th of January the p6 and p7 A team and B team  netball girls went to the high school to play netball against other schools. There was about 3 or 4 different schools we played against. The B team were first to play. The B team played 4 games and the A team played 3 games. At the end the A team got to the top 2 and played against Denholm  in the top 2 . The A team had won and they're going to Gala to play against Peebles and other schools so the A team are very lucky to get this opportunity. We just need to keep our fingers crossed that they win again and represent our school.

By Morgan



On 5th November 2017 Drumlanrig rugby team played Trinity in the semi-final of the Keown trophy. It was 3-2 to Drumlanrig. Boyd got the winning try for us. On 19th November 2017 Drumlanrig got to play at Mansfield. We played against Denholm in the final. It was 2-1 to Denholm and Boyd scored our try. After that we got our medals and got our photo taken. We were given a bag with rugby ‘goodies.’

By Euan and Sara


On Sunday 19th November 2017, Drumlanrig P4/5’s played the Chrysties Quaich Final against Wilton.  Kick off was at 9.05 am at Mansfield Park, Hawick.

The boys and girls that were playing in the final were - Caden Szoneberg, Thomas Oliver, Joe Yallop, Joshua Wight, Harris Common, Reilly Lambert, Rory Swinton, Millie Young, Liam Gourlay, Ruairidh Oliver, Luke Livingstone, Aidan Turnbull, Lewis Cook, Toby Russell and Jamie Reid. 

The score was 9-3 to Drumlanrig.  The try scorers were Rory Swinton (4), Ruairidh (2), Caden (1), Thomas (1) and Harris (1).

Murray Renwick (Drumlanrig Coach) was happy with the outcome of the match and he said Drumlanrig were the better team on the day and played very well.  Drumlanrig won every game of the season and their last result with Wilton was 8-1 to Drumlanrig.

We felt unstoppable and we all have high hopes for next season!

By Caden and Thomas


On Wednesday 22nd November 2017 Drumlanrig Football Team played a match against Denholm.  The first half it was 1-0 to Drumlanrig when Arran Common scored an amazing goal against Denholm goalkeeper.  Then we scored again, at the beginning of the second half, Lexie Keown scored the second goal.  Then Denholm got a free kick and scored to make it 2-1.  Then Denholm scored another goal to make it 2-2.  Then Drumlanrig had more chances to score but missed them.  So the game finished 2-2.

By Filip and Lexie


On the 23rd November 2017 Drumlanrig’s ‘A’ Netball team won the Inter School Netball Cup.  From a Player’s perspective, we felt very pleased to win the Silver Netball Cup/Trophy.  We also won Gold medals.  We played 4 games in total, we won 3 of them and drew one.

The scores were; Wilton v Drumlanrig 4-4, Denholm v Drumlanrig 6-0, Trinity v Drumlanrig 9-0 and finally Burnfoot v Drumlanrig 6-2.  The pupils who played were – Rihanna Smillie - Captain/GD, Alex Forrest - C, Ava Hughes – GS, Rhianna Scott – GK, Beka Wilson – WA, Iona Douglas – WD.  Lexie Keown – Sub for C, Abbie Douglas – Sub for WA and Sara Scott – Sub for WD.  We had weeks of practice with our AMAZING Coach Mrs Watson!

By Beka and Lexie


Denholm Cup

Congratulations to all our rugby players for some fantastic play at the Denholm Cup on Friday afternoon. It was a lovely afternoon and a joy to watch the standard  of rugby being played. Both our P4/5 teams made it to the final and after a very competitive match the final. It was a very close game with Denholm lifting the trophy after winning by 2 tries to 1. Thank you to all the referees, coaches and supporters and a special thank you to Julie Paterson for organising the event !!!!!!!!

Hawick Rugby Academy

The good parent /guardian

Coaches/code of conduct

This season we will be asking both team coaches to stand together in the middle 2mtrs back from touch line with calm order.

Remember that young people play rugby for their own enjoyment not that of their parents /coaches.

Focus on the young players’ efforts rather than winning or losing! and don't be a referee during the game let them explore the game this is a good way for children to learn the game .

be realistic about the young players' ability; do not push them towards a level that hey are not capable of achieving

 provide positive verbal feedback both in training and during the game. Remember that persistent, negative messages will adversely affect  the players' and referee's performance  and attitude.

 always support the rugby club in their efforts to eradicate loud, coarse and abusive behaviour from the game =remember young people learn much by example.

 always show appreciation of good play by all young players both from your team and the  opposition!!!!!!!!!!!

Respect  decisions made by the match officials and encourage the young players to do likewise. 

Its of both coaches interest's if one game is a bit one side to realise this is doing both teams no good apart from one team winning too easily and the other losing heart and interest, we must then as coaches make changes so that the game can become more positive and even. Coaches together must talk through these changes and let the referee know of any changes.

Children go to training to play rugby so we must as coaches make a great effort at giving each child equal game time!

Did you know laws for our primary game?

1/ No targeting the ball in open play the attacking player must have the opportunity to pass the ball away = this should mean there should be no mauls during the game except maybe from a lineout. 

2/ all tackles below the waist or down.

3/ No hand off's = carrying the ball in two hands will prevent this.

4/ No cavalry charges permitted at least two passes must be made before scoring  a try.

5/ No pushing in the scrums uncontested both hookers to strike.   

6/ At scrums the defending scrum half must stay in the middle channel until the ball has been played.