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What is your name?    Miss Thyne

Job?     Teacher

How old are you ?     30

What’s your favourite sport?    Horse riding

What’s your favourite team in any sport?   Scotland (rugby)

What’s your favourite car ?     AUDI

Who is your favourite author?   Michael Morpurgo  

What is your favourite book?    Riders

What is your favourite movie?   Inception

What famous person would you most like to go out with?  Hugo Boss  

What would your dream job be?   Work with David Atenbourgh

What celebrity would you most like to be?    Emily Blunt

Who’s your least favourite celebrity?  Sheryl Cole   

What animal would you most like to be?    Dog

What would you do if you won the lottery?     Get  horses stables and fields

Where would you most like to live?     South Africa

What was your favourite subject at school?    Maths

TV or radio?  radio 

Favourite animal?   panda

Sunderland or Tranmere? Sunderland   

What is your favourite TV program?     Home and away

Who is your favourite singer?     Frank Sinatra

What’s your favourite song?    My way

Coronation Street or Eastenders?   Eastenders

Popcorn or chips?    chips

Who is your best pal at Drumlanrig?     Everybody

What annoys you most about you work?     Early mornings